NFT Names

sendit*crypto dokwon*atom john*luna elon*doge wagmi*yawp satoshi*nakamoto jiajio*china wagmi*degens 420*doge ngmi*banks

NFT names are a new kind of NFT that you can use in your social networks’ profiles along with your profile picture (PFP) NFT. We call them profile name (PFN).

These names allow you to display your name or preferred pseudonym attached to an extension after the ‘*’ representing your favorite cryptocurrency or NFT project.

For example: wagmi*atom or toad*yawp

This effectively allows you to promote your favorite cryptocurrency or NFT project on socials while at the same time use them as a source of passive income as they grant you access to our rewards program.

For more details on this, see our referral program.

You can now register your NFT PFN (ProFile Name) with the name you always wanted with the extension of the crypto you love, and earn passive income while flexing it on your social networks 💪😎

PFN NFTs are the perfect companion to your PFP NFTs. Now you can represent 2 projects at the same time on your socials.

Our NFT crypto names are minted on the Starname blockchain which is part of the Cosmos ecosystem, and it is specialized in the creation and management of crypto names and profiles on the blockchain (yes a whole blockchain dedicated exclusively to the NFT name minting).

Starname is the first multi-chain name service in Cosmos allowing you to link your *name to all your wallet addresses on several blockchains (BTC, ETH, SOL, LUNA, ADA, DOGE, SHIB, etc).

We are the exclusive registrar of the *crypto extension.

There are more to come (stay tuned).

All holders of our *crypto names will be able to earn passive income in several ways:

- By earning points on each referred sale.
- By participating in our crypto and NFT drops.
- Buying and reselling *names in our future marketplace.